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Consega Limited is a one-stop shop for all your telecommunications requirements delivered and backed up by a team of professionals with over 50 years experience in the industry. The Consega priority is customer satisfaction. The staff pride themselves in their customer care, a quality which builds excellent relationships with customers who rely on a strong, friendly, dedicated service, AND a commitment to going that extra mile.

Have you heard of HD voice? Do you use conference call facilities? Consega has access to the first High Definition Conference Bridge in Europe for conference calls with startling clarity!

Do use or require VoIP? If so, Consega can provide an enhanced service via the world renowned Broadsoft Platform, and provide the HD voice at the same time.

Do you have a WiFi Hotspot? Is it protected against the new Digital Economy Act which provides for the cessation of the broadband if your hotspot is used for downloading pirate material? Consega Hotspot protects your service from misuse and keeps your business safe.

Do you want to reduce the costs of using mobile phones? Consega is one of only 40 mvno suppliers in the UK, we proudly partner the thevoicefactory to be able to offer the most exciting change in mobile phone use for over 10 years. Using the three mobile network we are able to extend your office pbx to the mobile phone. This means that your mobile sends and recieves calls from and to a geographic number - your office number, and can call and transfer calls to extentions, and when called the user only gets charged a national / local call. Of course calling from the mobile phone has greatly reduced call rates too - call us now for more information, reseller offers are also available